Elm Pass Volunteer Fire Department

We are here to raise community awareness about wildfires.   Wildfires will occur. You can take action now (before any fires) to help reduce the risk to your home. This site helps you prepare.


The Texas Forest Service You Tube video above is for your information and better understanding of wildfires.  The video is not our county but wildfire can occur anywhere and at anytime.  The discussion in the video covers Firestorms traveling 6 miles per hour. If a large fire were to occur in the Bandera area during the summer, the prevailing winds would bring the fire to Elm Pass within 2 hours.  A fire in the Kerrville or Center Point area during the winter would be here in 1 to 2 hours.  Its easy to see why making your home and property Firewise with a defensible zone is important.  Thank you for watching the video and please share it with family members.