We are proud of our community and the care taken by you to avoid fire incidents.  Thank you for your help and lets keep learning about wildfire threats.

More ways to protect your home and property:

If the BURN BAN is OFF and you must burn debris or trash, NEVER start a fire in the afternoon or during night time hours.  Under normal conditions you should start your burn pile fire during early morning hours before winds pick up. We cannot fight a fire on Elm Pass’s rugged terrain at night, and afternoon winds can spark a smoldering fire quickly. Your home and property are important.

Firebrands are blowing embers due to high winds

Firebrands are blowing embers due to high winds

Since our homes and property are in the middle of heavily wooded terrain that is often inaccessible except from a single drive or road. If the fire is blocking your driveway or gate, our trucks can’t lay down a foam line near your home or spray relevant areas ahead of the fire. What you do to protect yourself and your home help buy us time to help you.  While the FIREWISE and READY, SET, GO links on this page provide excellent information that is nationally recognized, here are a few quick tips:

  • Clear brush and trim or remove plants under your eaves
  • Locate the areas around your home where leaves gather. These are where the firebrands (or blowing embers) blow. These are ignition zones. They may be in gutters, under decks, under front steps, etc.   Work to make these areas more FIREWISE (see FIREWISE link on left side of page).
  • Visit the READY, SET, GO link on this page

Remember, our Elm Pass area has diverse terrain which makes firefighting difficult. High winds, valleys, uphill slopes, and cedar growth create dangerous conditions for accelerated fire growth. This can occur quickly. Think before you burn.  Please CLICK the video below to learn more.